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ModelerChannel.com is a dynamic video-based website dedicated to exploring the world around us through the hobby of plastic scale modeling.

When it comes to internet scale modeling sites, modelers have many choices. There are currently many very popular websites dedicated to the various genres of plastic modeling. Over the years these sites have not only grown in popularity and amassed many loyal readers they have also redefined the hobby and provided unprecedented random access to research data previously confined to archives and personal libraries. Like so many other human endeavors, the internet has democratized the hobby of scale modeling. The best of these sites are fun said Jason Hope, informative, topical and well established. So, why would anyone want to introduce yet another scale modeling website into what may well be an overcrowded market?

The answer is simple… people. People make the hobby what it is and ModelerChannel.com is dedicated to celebrating the humanity found in every scale modeling project. Through revealing video interviews and insightful narrative we celebrate the most fascinating detail of any scale model – the modeler. At ModelerChannel.com scale modelers can finally meet the heroes of the hobby and perhaps see some of the same hero qualities in themselves as they watch people just like themselves telling inspirational stories, demonstrating tips and techniques and revealing their personal contributions to the modeling hobby.

ModelerChannel.com also attempts to bridge the perceived gaps separating the various modeling genres. We believe every modeler- regardless of experience or personal interests – can benefit from other modelers and their work. Whether tastes run to planes, tanks, figures, ships, cars, or space and science fiction, whether you prefer planes to tanks or figures to fantasy you’ll be entertained and informed by the variety of scale modeling stories at ModelerChannel.com


Mike Sanches, President of ModelerChannel.com
At the age of four I built my first plastic model with the help of my mother and the rest is history. Today, at 49, I now have the requisite number of finished and unfinished scale modeling projects to comfortably consider myself an authority on the subject of scale modeling.

In the summer of 2006 I shared with my wife Susan and fellow modelers and close friends, Barry, Jerry and Julio, the idea of starting a video-based scale modeling website. They were very enthusiastic about the concept. Today, thanks to their able support and unflagging encouragement I am happy to say that ModelerChannel.com’s first stories are ready for the web and we are poised to do more.

My professional background as a television and film producer spans 20+ years and I have covered many news beats ranging from feature documentaries to investigative journalism. The common link in all my stories is people. I have loved meeting people and have enjoyed crafting and telling their stories to television audiences. I am pleased to say that as a result of my work viewers have been able to see the common ground and identify with the challenges and triumphs of the people whose stories I told. It is my sincere hope that the stories presented on ModelerChannel.com will have some of that same resonance.

The future of ModelerChannel.com

As with any commercial web ModelerChannel.com must generate revenue to support itself and continue to provide unique, high quality content to its viewers. Whether or not this revenue can be raised solely through advertising is presently unclear. ModelerChannel.com may choose at some point to make certain features or content of the site available only through pay-per-view or subscription. All changes shall be designed to promote premium content for viewers.

What I most look forward to in developing the unique internet scale modeling experience we are calling ModelerChannel.com, is the freedom to explore all facets of the scale modeling hobby and craft stories which build a bridge between the hobby we all love and the world in which we live. We look forward to and we are grateful for your support and input as we embark on this innovative venture.